Treating Kitty’s Foot

This is Pequeño  a stray who was brought to our shelter with a badly injured hind paw.  Over a three month period, he endured two surgeries and had to swallow several oral medications to treat an infection.  Many of our cats howl, thrash and manage to spit out their pills but this gentle little fellow rarely resisted.  Our veterinarian suggested that we soak his foot in a warm solution of iodine and Epsom salt three times daily and I thought, “sure this cat is going to let us put his foot in water and hold still.”  I used a deep plastic cup to minimize his contact with water but he was surprisingly relaxed and cooperative.  It was also necessary to massage and separate the toes, a painful process that drew hardly a whimper.  Although the fur had been shaved from his slightly deformed paw, he was still a very handsome fellow who got adopted immediately by a family with two children, especially when I told them how brave he had been during his treatments.



We formed a very special bond during this period but I was happy to see Pequeño go to a FURever home with a loving family.  Shelter animals make the best pets and you are saving a life.