One very cold (for Florida) morning in March, a woman walking on the street behind our shelter heard meowing and found a small black kitten in a sewer pipe.  She brought her immediately to our office at St. Francis Animal Rescue where she was cleaned up and examined.  We named her Esmeralda and it was quickly apparent by her red, runny eyes and sneezing that she had an upper respiratory infection.   These infections are highly contagious and can lead to pneumonia in an unvaccinated kitten.  Unfortunately, she had to be moved to an isolation cage in our shelter infirmary.  While it is prudent medical care, social isolation for a kitten can be a devastating experience.   It is important to avoid spreading infections so just before leaving the shelter, a medical team member would return to her cage to give her love and cuddles.  We were rewarded by kitty kisses and purring so loud it could be heard clear across the room.


When Esmeralda recovered, it was time to complete immunizations and to have her spayed.  Our kittens are about 12 weeks old when they are ready for adoption and their immunizations are complete. The kitten adoption fee is $95.00 but they have over $200 worth of veterinary services when they leave the shelter, which includes their completed immunizations and they are spayed/neutered.  Needless to say, her sweet disposition and intense purring helped Esmeralda to be quickly adopted. Shelter animals make wonderful pets and you are saving a life.