St. Francis Animal Rescue – Adoptable Kittens and Thrift Store Finds


St. Francis Animal Rescue pic
St. Francis Animal Rescue

Patricia Lynn Hough has been involved in many charitable organizations and is currently volunteering as the staff supervisor at St. Francis Animal Rescue of Venice, Florida. Patricia Lynn Hough’s responsibilities include coordinating with people who want to adopt animals, as well as working with the shelter’s veterinarian.

St. Francis is a non-profit organization that cares for adoptable cats and foster kittens in the community. It also coordinates with local volunteers in feeding colonies of feral cats, as well as organizing trapping, spaying/neutering, and returning.

The organization was founded in 1992, when a group of women at North Jetty in Nakomis, Florida, helped stray and abandoned cats living in the community by feeding, spaying and neutering them. These women founded St. Francis Animal Rescue to continue the cause, which became a non-profit organization the following year.

Three years later, the organization purchased a property big enough to be a shelter and adoption center. Apart from that, it added a thrift store, whose income helps fund the organization’s activities. Today, the thrift store is located in the new building next to the shelter. It sells items ranging from clothing to household items, and many more, but is also open for donations toward the operating expenses of the center.