Feline Stomatitis is a severe disease of the mouth in cats when the body becomes allergic to the normal plaque formation around the teeth. There allergic response is inflammation around the gums but painful lesions can form in the back of the throat. Cats with this malady may have difficulty chewing hard food, drool and may decrease their self grooming. Medications can be given including antibiotics, steroids or interferon. Severe cases often result in total extraction of the teeth which resolves 60-80% of the cases. We have two cats, both siblings, affected with this condition. Our beloved young female cat finally had to be humanely euthanized after we had done everything possible for treatment. She could not eat and was in severe, constant pain. Her brother has done much better on low dose interferon daily. It is, however, expensive to maintain the medication and although extremely sweet, his medical needs have discouraged potential adopters.