Our shelter opens early in the morning for the cleaners and feeders and our many cats. The resident side has about 60 felines at any one time and there are at least another 40 on the adoption side, in the infirmary, or in the special needs areas. In addition, we can have up to between 20 and 30 kittens with fosters. It is common for the morning staff to arrive at the back of the building to find abandoned animals. They are placed there under the cover of darkness without food or water. Recently, a family of lovely gray cats; a mom, dad and two kittens, were found crammed into a carrier barely large enough for one adult cat. They were covered in urine and feces and the mom and male kitten have been quite ill in our infirmary. We are a no-kill shelter so all the abandoned cats are brought inside and given excellent care. Our medical expenses, however, are skyrocketing. We also get cats and kittens who have been abandoned in parking lots, gas stations and even dumped out on major highways. I remain puzzled about why humans engage in this type of behavior.