Mamma Kitty, now named Gemma, did not have enough milk to feed her babies so bottle feeding was started immediately. One day after giving birth, Gemma was lethargic and not eating so as it was a Saturday, I had to take her to the emergency veterinarian clinic. She had a fever, was diagnosed with a uterine infection and placed on IV antibiotics. This poor young mama was malnourished when we got her a few days earlier at St. Francis Animal Rescue and did not have the resistance and stamina necessary to carry 9 kittens in her tiny body. That evening one kitten had become lethargic and was not eating well. I spoke with our shelter vet who told me that there was little that could be done and to keep trying to dribble KRM into her mouth with an eye dropper or syringe at regular feedings. Sadly, this little female tabby did not survive the night despite our best efforts. The rest were doing well and it was going to be a long weekend until other bottle baby fosters could be found.